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How Can High School Students Pay For College?

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Sadly, in today’s economic downturn, many high school kids can’t go to college because they don’t have the funds for the high tuition. Their parents are out of work, or struggling two minimum wage jobs just to pay for bills and food. So what can these kids do? Why do they have to turn down the chance for higher education?

As this situation continues, the government and other non-profit organizations are issuing many kinds of financial aid in the form of grants and scholarships to help kids from low-income families to enter the college they wanted and pursue their dream of higher education.

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Pell Grant

This is the biggest and most known grant for college. The Pell grant is given to over 5 million students every year, when each student receives a little over 5,500$ per year for college funding. The grant can be used for 6 years (12 semesters) of study, so a student can use the Pell grant to get an undergraduate and graduate degrees.

A student’s eligibility for the grant will be determined by financial need. The application process is quite simple, through the Department of Education. Note that this grant must be used to attend an accredited program, so you should check and make sure you can use the Pell grant at your desired college.

C-SPAN’s Student Cam Grant

C-SPAN’s annual video contest offers $100,000 that will go to 150 students who will win the contest of student documentary films. Students need to film and edit a 5 to 7 minute film on a specific theme that changes every year. Eligible entries will be accepted by solo filmmakers and teams of up to 2 or 3 students. Students will submit their entries online until January 20.

The Ayn Rand Novels Essay Contests

An interesting essay contest is another option to fund college, especially for students who are into writing. This yearly contest is offered by the Ayn Rand Institute for students from 8th grade and up, with prizes worth of $100,000. Students are simply required to read a selected Ayn Rand novel and submit an essay around 1,000-1,500 words on the provided topics. Application due date is April 26 and the submission can also be applied on the web.


Going To A Private College Can Now Be Very Possible

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One of the happiest and exciting events in every young person’s life is going to college. The competition is hard, and private colleges are usually considered better than public colleges. The only problem, and it’s a big problem, is the higher expenses for a private college. If one year at a public college would cost about $9,000, at a private college it would cost around $30,000.

The difference is huge, and not a lot of families can afford these high tuition fees, even if their wishes are to provide their kids with the best education. In recent years, private colleges see a decrease in applications, mainly because of the high tuition. So, to attract more students and boost revenues, a lot of private colleges started to provide financial aid to students who would not even consider going to those colleges otherwise.

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Many private colleges offer student grants and scholarships, some of them reached nearly 40 percent of total tuition. So, the first thing you should do is to apply to private colleges as well, and if you get accepted, find out about a financial aid program. Don’t stop yourself from applying to a college you really want just because the tuition is too high for you, because chances are this place probably has some sort of grant or scholarship program.

Once you get accepted and you learn about a financial program, find out the deadline dates for applying. As applications usually require writing an essay and providing financial statements, you might miss the last deadline if you don’t know when it is. When you have all the deadlines of all the colleges you were accepted to, it would be a lot easier to get organized and apply on time.

Now that you know there are ways to make your dream come true, don’t hesitate and apply to a private college as well. The options are limitless.


Great Scholarship Opportunity In The Trade Show Industry

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graduated student with diplomaThe “trade show news network” (TSNN) will offer a wonderful opportunity for one lucky student who is looking to start a career in the trade show industry, in the form of $5,000 scholarship. This will be announced at the TSNN Awards, at Nov. 1-3 in Reno, Nev. Also, the RSCVA (Reno Tahoe USA) will back the award for the next three years.

Eligibility requirements are quite simple – students applying for the scholarship need to study for a future career in the trade show industry. As college costs keep rising every year, this scholarship could make a huge difference in the lives of students studying in the events and trade shows industry.

Reno Tahoe USA are happy to partner with TSNN and to back the award. According to John Leinen, the bureau’s vice president convention and tourism sales, “Reno Tahoe USA was not only interested in realizing the benefits associated with hosting this esteemed event, but we also had a desire to help support the overall development of the tradeshow industry.”


Accepted For College? How Will You Pay For It?

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College acceptance is a joyful occasion – you are now an adult and about to start a whole new chapter in your life. However, it also means that now you have financial responsibilities – primarily – paying the college tuition.

The lucky ones will get help from their parents, but a lot of students don’t have that luxury, and they will need to pay for college themselves. It won’t be easy, but you shouldn’t let it discourage you – there are a few ways to get the money for college.

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Student loans are a very popular way to pay for college, and as long as you calculate it wisely, you should be able to repay the loan after you graduate. Remember that loans come with interest, so the calculation should be approximately what your starting annual salary would be out of school.

A better way to fund college is with a grant (which unlike a loan, you don’t need to repay). Grants for students are endless, and almost everyone can find a grant that he can apply for – minorities, single moms, orphans, and many more. The grants are usually funded by the government or by non-profit organizations, so just check the grants available at your chosen college.

Similar to grants, scholarships are also a great way to fund your high education. Scholarships are generally given to students who excelled in a certain field in high school and will start studying this field at college or university. When you get a scholarship, find out if it’s renewable and if there are any continuing eligibility requirements you will need to fulfill.

So, as you can see, there are ways to pay for college without getting bankrupt. All you need to do is decide on the one that you feel is best for you, and do whatever you can to fulfill your dream for higher education.


What Is Pell Grant and How Can You Get It?

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If you are a college student or about to become a student, and you come from a low-income family, know that the government offers a federal grant for students called “Pell grant” to help students in financial difficulties.

The Pell grant helps more than 5 million students all across the US, and students may use their grants to pay for tuition at almost any school they chooses to attend. If you are not sure, the school’s financial aid administrators could tell you whether the institution is eligible for Pell grant program.

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Before you start applying for a Pell grant, you must complete the FAFSA form. FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) was created by the U.S. Department of Education to evaluate and determine the family EFC. Elements such as the student’s income, the parents’ income and assets and the family’s household size are all taken into account in this evaluation.

Once you have completed and filed the FAFSA, the application progress can be tracked at the Federal Student Aid Information Center.

The amount granted can change from one student to the other, but the average grant amount in the past year was close to $4,000 (it can range from $575 to $5,550).

The amount depends on your financial need, tuition costs to the selected institution, your student status (full-time or part-time student) and how many years do you plan to attend school for.


Ways To Pay For College Tuition

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Paying for college or university is not very easy for everyone. Those who don’t have parents that can pay, need to find ideas to fund their way to school. The two major ways to get college funding are loans and grants.

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Loans are given either by federal or private organizations. They are usually given for a year, and annually renewed every year in advance. The major downside is that you will need to pay them back at some point.

Grants, on the other hand, are free and there is no need to pay them back. This makes grants a fantastic option to pay the college tuition, and not worry about what will happen if you can’t pay them back.

There are various kinds of grants, for young students, single mothers and even senior citizens who wish to go back and finish their higher education. Just search and find the grant that suits your needs and apply for it.

Cable TV Haiku Scholarship

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If you need help in paying for your college tuition, grants $1000 to help a lucky student pay his or her college bills. Hopeful students just need to write a haiku about cable TV and share this haiku to their friends through Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.  A short form of Japanese poetry, a haiku is typically made of 3 phrases done in 5-7-5 respectively.

Who can join?

Only U.S citizens or permanent legal residents of the United States can apply for this scholarship.

For incoming college freshmen, they need a high school Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.5 on a 4 point scale. Additionally, they must have taken the ACT or SAT test.  Current college students may also apply.  College applicants must be pursuing a two year course or 4 year degree in an accredited university and they must have a GPA of 2.5 on a 4 point scale.

writing a haiku

The deadline for the submission of haiku entries is on October 31, 2012. Aspirants can visit the to submit their entries.  Creativity, thoughtfulness and insight are the three main factors to be used by a team of judges with submitted haiku entries. After much deliberation, the winner will be announced on November 30, 2012.

The scholarship worth $1000 can be used to pay for the winner’s tuition, school fees, books and on-campus room and board.  After November 30, 2012, this amount is mailed directly to the university indicated by the lucky student in his or her application.

An associate or employee of cannot join this contest.

To know more about this scholarship, visit this article: Write a Haiku, Win a Scholarship


Scholarship for Young Heroes On the Way!

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Are you or do you know a young hero in your class? With young hero, we mean the likes of Dana Christmas who, in year 2000, became a modern day hero of the youth after alerting her classmates of a fire in the Seton Hall University dormitory. Dana Christmas was a resident assistant at that time and held the heavy responsibility to keep dormers safe and sound.

Dana ChristmasThis college grant was a fruit of the partnership between the New Jersey state togetherwith the PSEG Foundation. Through their collaborations, the scholarship manages to give out $10,000 every year. The $10,000 grant will be given to 5 young heroes  each of which will receive the 10k prize money plus a certificate and medal as proof of their heroism. The winners for the said scholarship will be announced in 2013 and awarded at the same day. (more…)

The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Scholarship

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Not just a leader in the beverage industry, The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation opens happiness for students by offering them a four-year scholarship. With guidance and support from the entire Coca-Cola System, the foundation aims to provide programs that will boost and maintain the students’ unending thirst for knowledge. The Coca-Cola scholarship committee aims to support the educational needs of students struggling with their finances.

To apply for this scholarship program, students must be current high school seniors studying in the United States who are expecting their high school diplomas. Also, they must be planning to get a degree at any accredited post-secondary education in the US. Lastly, these hopeful students must carry a minimum of 3.0 GPA by the end of their junior year in high school. (more…)

Worried About College Tuition? Here’s a Great Scholarship for You

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College tuition is usually skyrocketing especially in the United States. Most students rely on stable tuition coming from different scholarships. If you’re currently a high school senior and you’re having thoughts on how you’ll survive college life, here’s a great news for you!

Problems with college tuition? No worries!

The 2013 Horatio Alger National Scholarships is giving away this year’s scholarship targeting students who have had considerable influence to their community. The grant also aims to recognize students who have served as great inspirations for the common people in their everyday battle to overcome poverty. In addition, the students are required to go through a panel of judges that has employed the strict screening process. (more…)