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Medical Research Grants To Find A Cure For Breast Cancer

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It’s a sad fact that one in eight women will have to deal with breast cancer, and in the US, a woman gets diagnosed with breast cancer every three seconds. In comparison to 20 years ago, 85% of women diagnosed with breast cancer lived an additional 5 years, while 2 decades ago this number was only 70%. When caught early, 98% of women who were diagnosed became cancer survivors.

All of this improvement was possible thanks to advanced medical research. In the recent decades, great strides have been made against breast cancer mainly due to increased amounts of research. This research mainly relies on grants that help fund the research and find a cure. Here are a few grants that provide valuable funding for breast cancer research:

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The “Mary Kay Foundation”, formed in 1996, has funded breast cancer research with almost $20 million dollars. The foundation currently offers $1 million a year in grants, and the recipients are selected by the foundation’s board of directors based on recommendations. The grant recipients must be researchers at medical schools, and apply from November to February.

The “Avon Foundation for Women” is funding breast cancer research since 1999. They have reached $175 million in total donations, and considering that most of the money is raised through small donations as $5 to $10, this is an impressive achievement. The foundation offers up to $300,000 for 2 year research projects.

The “Susan G. Komen” was founded by Nancy G. Brinker shortly after loosing her sister Susan G. Komen to breast cancer, at 1982. Since then, they collected nearly $800 million and donated it as grants. This makes the organization the largest non-government contributor to breast cancer research.

The foundation offers 3 year grants of up to $450,000, mainly to medical researchers in their early years. The Komen foundation also supports training programs for groups of graduate students with grants of $135,000 for up to 3 years.


Learn About The Transformative Research Grant From NIH

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The national institutes of health (NIH), is offering a research grant program in the total funding of $15,000,000. The grant is aimed to support individual scientists or groups of scientists working on innovative, groundbreaking, unconventional research.

The research must have the potential to create new scientific progress, establish new clinical approaches, or develop transformative technologies in the area of biomedical or behavioral research.

Eligible institutes or individuals can apply for this grant and use the fund to work on their innovating scientific developments and make some real progress in the medical field or the biological field.

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Exceptional Research Grants In The High Energy Physics Field

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The office of Science at the Department of Energy offers a unique financial assistance grant program in the field of physics. The program centers the High Energy Physics (HEP) mission to understand how the universe works. This is done by discovering the elementary constituents of matter and energy, probing the interactions between them, and exploring the basic nature of space and time.

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This opportunity invites physicists to test their ideas and to grow inside this intriguing field. This grant is open to researchers in these areas: experimental research at the energy frontier, experimental research at the cosmic frontier, experimental research at the intensity frontier, accelerator science and technology research and development, theoretical research and particle detector research and development.

Applications for the grant program should be completed and handed until Sep 9th, 2013. Applications will only be accepted from credited U.S. academic institutions or domestic nonprofit organizations.


Looking for a Research Grant? Check Out the NIDCD Clinical Research Grant

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doctors looking at a computerIf you are planning to start a clinical research, the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) has opened a clinical research grant designed to advance the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and amelioration of human communication disorders.

The clinical research has to involve individuals with communication disorders or data/tissues from individuals with a communication disorder. Some of the fields that can fall in this category are: pathogenesis, pathophysiology, studies of the prevention, diagnosis or treatment.

Organizations that might be eligible for this grant program: state and county governments, city, township or special district governments, public and private institutions of higher education and other non-profit or for-profit organizations.

According to this source: NIDCD Clinical Research Center Grant, the grant is available for registration until October 01, 2015. This means you have plenty of time to see if you are eligible and find a field that falls in the grant requirements.


AAN Offers Neuroscience Research Grant

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The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) offers this years Neuroscience Research Prize for incoming college students. The research grant targets graduating high school students in order to “encourage high school students to explore the world of the brain and nervous system through laboratory research.” Aside from the financial assistance AAN offers, it also comes with a recognition from an internationally-acclaimed scientific body.

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The grant is open to all students in secondary schooling grades 9-12 within the United States. AAN will select four (4) students that will qualify to a set of standards they will formulate in order to select the awardees. The four winners will receive chas prizes amounting to $1,000. In addition, three (3) of the four (4) winners will get an all-expense paid travel to San Diego, CA wherein they will present their work to a gathering of neurologists from around the globe. (more…)

Funding for Behavioral Science Research on Drug Abuse

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Through the initiative of the United States Department of Health and Human Services (USDHHS), a research grant will be awarded to researchers interested in conducting studies regarding behavioral science applications on drug abuse treatment. The study aims to increase treatment options for drug addicts in rehabilitation areas all over the country. (more…)

Research Grant for Water Quality Project Opens in University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Water Sciences Lab (WSL) announced its intent to provide a Cooperative Agreement with interested researchers in the aim of analyzing the effects of surface and subsurface Ag Tile Drainage on Service trust resources (water, sediment, biota). (more…)

Interesting Research Grant Now Available

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Lately, there are a lot of researchers struggling to get more funding to their studies and researches. It’s not easy to get those funds and sometimes there are researches that get postponed due to the lack of financing.

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This is where grants from the government come in. The government sets aside money for different purposes, including grants for research. The grants are given to sectors that really need them, like for education, minorities, and also, for research.

One interesting research grant is the ALA Annual Diversity Research Grant, which consists of a $2,000 annual award for original research and a $500 travel grant to attend and present at ALA Annual Conference. The recipients are requested to compile the results of the research in a paper and to present the results in the conference.

The grant proposals can address any diversity topic concerning major gaps in the knowledge of diversity issues within library and information science. For submission guidelines and proposal evaluation criteria you can visit the ALA website, or read here for more info: ALA Annual Diversity Research Grant.

How To Get A Grant For Research

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Many researchers are struggling to get funds for their studies and constantly wrecking their brains to find resources. Not many of them are familiar with the fact that our government is offering funds in the form of grants for research and study purposes.

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These grants are completely free, so you don’t need to worry about returning the money, unlike loans which need to be paid back. The most complicated thing is to find the proper grant for your purposes, and compete with other researchers to get the money. A good way to find info on grants is browse the internet. There are plenty of sites that provide information and even submission forms to many kinds of grants.

Another way to get help is when you apply for a grant, ask the specific organization. Most of those organizations employ advisors that help the applicants with filling the form, attaching the required documents and finalizing the submission.

In any case you need more help, you can look for forums where you can post questions and get the advice of those that already made it through and got the grant they needed for their research.

United States Government Grants For Medical Research

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Generally, governments allocate millions of dollars in order to finance various types of research projects. Some projects, such as medical, technological and military research receive big bonus from the government.

The United States government invests hundreds of millions of dollars in research focused on providing solutions to problems of medical conditions that affect American soldiers whether abroad or at home. These government grants for research have made possible the financing of hundreds of crucial projects aimed to develop the medical military industry.

The US government gives priority to these types of research due to operational necessities, the fast evolution of medical science field, and national defense tactics. It is US government policy to allocate as much money as needed to guarantee national security.