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6 Creative Ways To Make Money As A Student

March 24, 2013 in financial support | Comments (0)

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There is no doubt that it can be hard to be a student. All the pressure of final papers and exams is stressful, and when you finally have the time to go out, you are usually short on cash. Still, there are a few ways to earn some extra money, you just need to get a little creative.

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  1. Check to see if you are eligible for a student grant. Not all students are aware of these grants, and they can really help in financial difficulties. Student grants (like PELL grant for example) are offered by the government to assist students to cover the college expenses – tuition, books, equipment and other things.
  2. Delivering newspapers is a great part-time job that fit students’ schedule. All you need is a bicycle or a motorized scooter or even a motorcycle, and the energy to work in the early morning hours (about 3 to 5 AM). Although most people prefer that the newspaper will be placed at their mailbox and not just thrown on the lawn, this is still a pretty easy job.
  3. Speaking of lawn, you can do some gardening jobs at the neighborhoods close to your college. You can mow the lawn, trim the hedges or small trees, or clean the pool in the summer. Once you make a name for yourself, you’ll get a lot of requests from the neighbors to work at their gardens as well.
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  5. Private lessons are a very lucrative business. You can be a tutor at your college, helping students from other classes, or give lessons to kids in your area. This will require to hang some ads at the local billboard, but if you are good, you’ll build a clientele in no time.
  6. A fun way to earn money is to participate in surveys. You can apply for online surveys and simply fill out forms. Another option is to attend a focus group or a test group (for launching a new product for example) and give your feedback about a product or service.
  7. If you feel comfortable with your body, you can become a model for art or science classes. This is very convenient, since you won’t even need to leave the college surroundings. You can look at the college newspaper for ads, or simply go to classes of arts or science and see if they need models. Some might want volunteers, but some might actually pay for participating, especially for clinical trials or participating in studies.

Naturally, there are tons of other jobs you can do as a student, but you get the general idea – just keep your eyes and ears open and look for possibilities.


Open for Business: New York Opens Business Grant Website

August 15, 2012 in financial support | Comments (0)

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Earlier this August, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced news that the state is launching a new website dedicated to providing small businesses the grants they need. Aside from grants, the website will also contain information regarding other small business in the city that are open for partnership.

Debts Happen To Almost Every Person

March 15, 2012 in financial support | Comments (1)

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In the country’s bad economic situation it’s not surprising that a lot of people are in debt or can’t pay their loans and credits. Almost anyone is in debt for all sorts of reasons – car loans, credit loans, student loans and even loans people take to start a small business.

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The problem with those loans is what happens when you can’t pay them back on time. In those cases, most lenders will set some kind of payment plan, but this is also not very convenient. Sometimes people take another loan to cover the debts of the previous loan. This is a vicious cycle that you can’t escape from.

A better way to deal with it is by finding other ways for funding and not taking loans at all. For example, not many people are aware of the government’s plans to help people financially. The government issues hundreds of different kinds of grants that they offer to those in need.

These grants can be for almost any aspect of the economy spectrum. There are grants for single moms, grants for college funding, small business grants, grants for clinical research and even grants for minorities. Anyone can find a grant to suit his\her needs.

The best thing about those grants is that they are a gift, and you don’t need to pay them back. So, naturally, you don’t need to worry about getting into debts because you don’t need to pay it back. Once you get the grant, the money is yours, and that’s it.

For further info on how to get out of debts, see here: Free information on debt elimination.