Understanding and Finding Grants

When you begin the process of seeking out a grant, whether it is a grant for a small business, for college, for maternity or any other sort, it is important to understand that a grant is different from an entitlement or a loan. A grant is a lump sum of money, often from a federal agency, that is given to a worthy individual to do something worthwhile, like go to college, start or sustain a non-profit or any number of interesting things.

Government grants are issued from one of the many branches or departments of the government. Each year in the United States, the government doles out millions of dollars in educational grants. These are the most common type of government grant and are frequently used to aid a student in pursuing a post-secondary education. Yet, government grants are awarded to individuals and organizations for a vast number of reasons. Many non-profits seek out government grants in order to continue valuable programs, whether they serve homeless animals or underprivileged families. Government grant is more or less a blanket term to describe the wide range of grants available from the federal government to promote important social growth in our country.

Small business grants are another common type of grant. Small business grants are often supplied by local government agencies, the federal government or by large corporations. Small business grants are often awarded to start-up businesses that are able to illustrate a great deal of potential to achieve success and garner economy boosting attention for a local community. Helping small businesses succeed boosts tax revenue and creates jobs, so even very small cities will have at least a few opportunities for entrepreneurs to apply for small business grants. The amount of money received is dependent upon the issuing entity and the particular grant opportunity.

Grants for college, however, are possibly the most plentiful and sought after kind of grant out there. With the price of college always increasing, grants are a wonderful way to finance one’s higher education. Unlike student loans, grants do not have to be paid back. Essentially, grants are meant to alleviate the financial burden of getting a college diploma. There are a wide variety of grants within the category of education grants including grants specifically for business school students, merit based grants, Federal Pell grants (based on financial need) and many, many more. Due to the large number of students seeking higher education in our country, the application process has become very competitive. Yet, there are an ever increasing amount of grants for college available through local and federal governments, charitable institutions and businesses. The dollar amount of these grants depends on the particular grant, and can range anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars!

Maternity grants are also available to new or expecting mothers who qualify for federal or institution issued grants. These grants are for mothers to cover expenses while they cannot work during or after their pregnancy, as well as to help cover the many new costs of providing for an infant. Maternity grants are most often awarded to low income families in the immediate aftermath of a birth, but in some cases are often awarded during pregnancy or to help a family that has recently adopted a child. The amount of money given to those eligible for a maternity grant is often based on a sliding scale, but is usually somewhere between 700 and 1,000 dollars.

Now that you know about some of the different kinds of grants, what do you do? Well, the next steps are very personal and unique to you! If you know what kind of grant you are interested in, and you want to know if you qualify, than Click Here. If you would like to learn more about grants, types of grants and the application process, than check out the articles, information and resources we put together on this website. Grants provide ordinary individuals with the money to make their dreams come true and are a worthwhile pursuit for anyone with worthwhile and productive plans.

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